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'60's Vintage GE Clock Radio Model 575

Vintage 1960's General Electric Tube AM Clock Radio Model 575. We picked this great looking radio up last year and replaced the filter capacitors for hum-free operation so the radio sounds and works great. Since then the clock has stopped working. We don�t repair clocks so it is being sold as a working radio only. We disconnected the two wires going to the clock motor and isolated them for safety. These wires can easily be re-connected if so desired. The clock assembly is modular and plugs into the radio via a three-prong plug so it can be removed easily to the bench for repair or replacement of parts.

There is an rca input on the rear of the unit where you can plug in an external music source such as a phono, CD or ipod. A really cool feature is the way the front volume control works. Turning it to the right brings in the radio and turning it to the left brings in the external signal. Overall condition is very good for it�s age. There are two hairline stress cracks typical of this plastic material. We show these in our pictures, one on the bottom and one on the top near the back. All in all though a great looking radio. Please contact us for an exact shipping quote.
Price: SOLD
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