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Dating Fender Amplifiers (1953 to 1967)

Look inside the amp (but don't stick you hand in there, even after being unplugged the amp may retain a dangerous electrical charge), there should be a tube chart on most amps. On this chart there is a hand stamped date code consisting of 2 letters. For example CD would be 1953 - April and DG would be 1954 - July.
Vintage Fender Amp Date Codes
Letter Code Vintage Year Month
A - January
B - February
C 1953 March
D 1954 April
E 1955 May
F 1956 June
G 1957 July
H 1958 August
I 1959 September
J 1960 October
K 1961 November
L 1962 December
M 1963 -
N 1964 -
O 1965 -
P 1966 -
Q 1967 -